I am such a dunce!

A couple weeks ago I could not sleep (which is the case most nights) so was up shredding a bunch of old bank statements and other papers. I came across an unopened envelope from the bank and inside was an RSP receipt from 2006 for close to $6,000. How on earth did I miss submitting that with my taxes??? I called CRA the next day and then immediately re-submitted my 2006 taxes online. I checked today and they have been re-assessed and $1,987 will be deposited in my account on Apr. 30th.

No time to be spending money

Life has been so busy lately with putting in 11 - 16 hour days most days at my new job and then spending 2 - 3 hours each night at the hospital with my dad (now that he has been moved to a hospital here in the city) that I really have had no time to spend any money on "stuff". I've also had absolutely no time at all for myself or to get anything done around my house.

I have spent a lot on gas over the past 5 weeks when my dad was in the other hospital as it was 3 hours round trip and I was driving out there regularly, so my gas budget is completely overspent.

I am getting his house ready to sell and the first painting quote has come in at $2,600 - OUCH!! I also ordered new appliances at $1,776. I will use either my EF or my LOC for these expenses until the house sells. There will be other costs associated with getting the house ready to sell like purchasing new light fixtures, etc.

It's all so exhausting.