I need to get back to posting

Life has been so very crazy and stressful and messed up this year.

My dad passed away at the very end of May and I spent until the end of July packing up his life from his house and then renovating it to sell it. It's been a very expensive year with funeral costs and renovation costs and all the other costs associated with the house as it has not sold yet.

It has been an extremely emotional year (couple years actually as my sister passed away unexpectedly two years ago) and I really am completely emotionally drained. I've lost a lot of weight over these past 6 months and am down 3, almost 4, dress sizes.

I want to start posting again as I've noticed the amount I've been spending on food (groceries and eating out) this month has been way too high and I need to get that back in check. I really have not done much other unnecessary spending over this past year as I have simply been too busy.

I've been at this job now for 9 months and I have had three different bosses (I report directly to the President) and that has brought a lot of challenges and stress on top of everything else I have been dealing with in my personal life during this same time.

I made some updates to my sidebars and added one as my planned retirement savings for 2009 have been exceeded by 73%. What I owe on my HELOC has increased due to funeral costs and the above house expenses. As soon as the house sells, my financial picture will be much different, so while I do have the LOC debt, I am in the process of selling an asset that far exceeds it so I'm not bothering with that bar right now.

I don't know if anyone has kept me on their blog roll since it has been so long since I've posted, but I appreciate anyone who is still reading.