Been away awhile

I have been away for a bit dealing with some very serious family matters.

My dad has had cancer for some time and two weeks ago last Friday he lost the use of his legs as the cancer has caused so much damage to his spine. These past two weeks have been an incredibly stressful time. The day before my dad lost the use of his legs, I accepted a new job and I started that job the following week (a week ago Thursday). It has been a crazy time and a very bad time to be starting a new position. This new job is so busy that I put in somewhere between 15 and 20 hours of overtime this past week and I've only been with this company a week so far. While, I'm happy to be at this new place and I think it will be a good position, it is not a good time in my life to be putting in 20 hours of overtime per week when my dad only has a short time left with us and the time he has left will be spent in a hospital bed.

I've slept very little in the past three weeks as I was stressed out about accepting the new job and resigning from the other one and then this happened with my dad and I've not really slept since. I've also been fighting a bad cold, which finally now seems to be close to gone.

Zenni Optical

I am really hard on my contact (wear only one) and often get tiny little tears in it that really irritate my eye and need to take it out at the most inopportune times leaving me not being able to see very well. I do carry a spare contact but some days my eye is so irritated by the time I take the bothersome contact out a fresh new contact still does not feel great and my eye just needs time to rest.

I have one pair of glasses that I keep at home and I think I am going to order a couple cheap pairs from Zenni Optical that I can keep at work and in the car so I always have a spare pair with me should I need to take my contact out.

If anyone has ordered from Zenni, I'd be interested in hearing your feedback on them. They have great reviews on the internet.

Taxes, job hunting and this and that...

I haven't posted in a couple weeks as I've not had much to post about.

I e-filed my taxes a few days ago and will be getting back over $1200 but that is only because I over paid EI and CPP premiums and not because I over paid income tax. Otherwise, I would owe just under $400 this year.

I'm concerned that I am going to be laid off from my job in the not too far off future as I still have absolutely no work and the other day my boss told one of the directors that if they couldn't find work for me soon he was "going to have to do something about it". Not good.

I am still looking for other work but it is very quiet out there. I had a job interview yesterday and it went really well and based on their advertisement I thought their starting salary was what I would need but it turns out it isn't and the role, now that I know about it in much more detail, is not really what I want anyway.

I was hoping to take a spring vacation to somewhere tropical but now that I am very likely facing being laid off I am not going to be spending money on non-essentials.