It feels really good to have paid my MC in full. I intend to still use it for most of my purchases since it is an AirMiles card but every day that I make a purchase I transfer the money out of my chequing to the MC and it will only be used for planned spending (groceries, gas, etc., - things that have already been budgeted for).

This could have been really ugly...

So I faxed off my resume today (what company in this day and age does not accept emailed resumes??) and then I went into a meeting. I get out of my meeting and my boss is asking to see me. So I find out that the fax did not go through and it spit out an undeliverable sheet that also shows the first page of my fax being my cover letter stating the position I was applying for and it is now in my boss' hands. I don't know who gave her the fax as she didn't say but at least one other person in our office knows as they are the ones that took it off the fax machine and gave it to my boss. Talk about uncomfortable. Ugh.

She has only been my boss for 2.5 weeks as she just joined us after they fired my boss 3.5 months ago, after I had only been there a week. I am not looking for a big raise or anything. That is not at all what it is about. It's about the work as I'm not really enjoying it. She and I talked and she told me how happy she has been with me these past two short weeks and that she'd hate to see me go. We talked about aspects of the role that I don't enjoy and we decided that some pieces will be delegated to the staff who report to me (I'll be starting those discussions tomorrow). She also asked me to let her know what would make this an ideal position for me and then she'll see what she can do to work toward some of that. She really is a great boss and I told her that my looking elsewhere was in no way a reflection of her.

Still. Uncomfortable!

No Spend Day #2

I set out this day determined it would be a "No Spend Day" and it was and it feels good. If I tell myself the day before or the morning of, that this will be a no spend day, I am really conscience of this and make a concerted effort to not spend.

Since Aug. 17: 2 NSD

First of many "No Spend Days"

I have had many no spend days in the past but never due to a concerted effort. Yesterday I promised myself that today would be a No Spend Day and it was. I really need gas as my car is on empty but I held off and will get gas on the way in to work tomorrow. It felt good to not spend money today after making the effort not to. I cooked all three meals today and that really feels good as well as I very often have take out on the weekend.

I am going to aim for a set number (# yet to be determined) of No Spend Days each month and really strive for it.

Since August 17: 1 NSD

GAH!! I am so mad at myself!

Today I came home to a $120 photo radar ticket in the mail. That is just money down the drain and makes me so mad. I know I have a heavy foot and I recall the day the photo was taken that I was rushing back to work from lunch and was running late so in a real hurry.

I guess I know where my mystery shopping money will be going.


Mystery Shopping Payment

Today I finally got paid for the mystery shopping assignments I did back in June. It's not a lot of money but every little bit in my pocket helps. I won't get paid for July's assignments until September and that will be a larger payment as I did more assignments.