Taxes, bonuses, RSPs, and TFSA

This past Christmas my boss was quite generous and paid for the tropical trip I was taking and also gave me a decent size cash bonus, both of which I have to claim as income on my taxes.  These combined with my part time income that has very little tax taken off and the fact that I did not put as much into RSPs this past year as in other years, means I owe the tax man a fairly large amount.

In order to off-set the amount I owe and get a few thousand back (which will go into my 2012 TFSA) I put a large amount into an RSP before February ended.  This was part of the money I have been hanging onto ever since the house I inherited sold as I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it.  I had been debating about renovating my kitchen and bathroom or investing that money.  I feel good about investing it, particularly since it will mean a large tax refund that will fund my TFSA and I still have a substantial amount left for renos, if I choose to go that route.