Hmmm... Food Baskets

I was perusing the web looking for ways to sponsor hampers for less fortunate families throughout the year (not just at Christmas) when I came across a website for a Food Basket Society that is open to everyone and anyone who wishes to partake.

The way it works is there is a $5 annual membership fee and once per month you can pre-order a fresh meat order for $12, an example of which would be 1 kg beef or pork roast, 1/2 kg chicken thighs, and 1/2 kg lean ground beef; a fresh produce order for $8, which consists of 3 kg of seasonal fruits (3 different kinds), two seasonal veggies and potatoes; or both. You can also purchase more than one meat or produce order.

For $20 this sounds pretty good to me. Now, I normally would buy boneless, skinless chicken thighs and I'm sure these would not be and I normally would buy extra lean ground beef for tacos, chili, spaghetti, etc., but for this price I think I am going to give this a try this month and see how it is.

I need to start pinching pennies and cooking at home.

This organization is not a food bank and one does not have to qualify to use it - it is open to anyone who wants to save approx. 25% off grocery store prices. The food is purchased in mass quantity from wholesalers.

Some of the money this will help me save (if I find this is a good system for me) can go toward what I was originally searching for, which was The Food Bank. Now, of course since I need to pinch pennies I need to use the majority of my scrimped and saved dollars to pay off my car loan but I still need to be able to give to those who need a hand up.

Do any of you use a program like this? What are your thoughts?